Grace Christian Learning Center proudly offers a variety of services, including:

  • Preschool for three-year-olds and Pre-K for four-year-olds.
  • Academics include Spanish language, sign language, educational computer, math and science.
  • Parents are welcome to enter the building at any time to observe their child. No appointment necessary.
  • Security and cameras in all rooms.
  • The facility is locked. Access to the building is only possible through code or being buzzed in.
  • Fun activities and learning all throughout the day: games, singing, creative time, play time.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans and parent report cards.
  • Daily and monthly party themes: beach party, harvest party, pajama day, costume day, and birthday parties.
  • Optional field trips for the Preschoolers, Pre-K, and Kindergartners, as well as summer camps for kids.
  • Nutritionally balanced food: breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • Full-size gym for the kids. Great for rainy or snowy days!
  • Staff trained in CPR and First Aid.